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They will be grateful you called and tell you more about the sociopath’s true nature. The ex will tell you exactly what you are up against. Educate yourself as well as everyone in your family about this disorder. Know the sociopath’s modus operandi and the red flags. Know that behind closed doors your elderly relative will be continuously subject to all their deviant behavior.

If estranged, find out these family members’ names and the towns where they live and contact them as soon as possible.

Copy or scan all your family photos and keep them in a safe place as they will be disappear or be destroyed. Use your Iphone to covertly photograph every page of the sociopath’s address book.

Find some pretext to get hold of the keepsakes, heirlooms and mementos. This will be invaluable when you begin exposing them. Locate and photograph all the passwords to every account of the elderly relative.

It was football season and the East Coast games were just starting. I leaned against the door frame, watching the TV to see if I could catch a glimpse of the latest highlights. I felt it on the back of my neck before I was even conscious of what was happening.

The inmates milling around had slowed, the sound of their feet hit­ting the cold concrete floor halted, the TV seemed to get louder, and all of a sudden I was acutely aware of the steam from the hot coffee in my mug spiraling up toward my nose.

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