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The blackface Twin Reverb came originally with Jensen C12n, Oxford 12T6 or JBL d. Find great deals on e Bay for fender twin reverb blackface. This model had a 10" Jensen speaker and a tube compliment of 1x6SJ7 (pre amp) 1x6V6 (power amp) 1x5Y3 (rectifier).The first model GA-5 Les Paul was introduced in 1954.14W 1x10" Guitar Combo with Tremolo Speaker: 10" Inputs: 3 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 Tremolo: Depth, frequency Tubes: 5 (2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 or Pre (1x7025), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR 5Y3)) Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 14 Shipping Totals: 1959: 1092, 1960: 949, 1961: 114 Harmony Central Review GA16T Maestro Viscount Combo Schematic with 2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 1x5Y3 Push-pull 6V6s; like a 6G2 Fender Princeton; Viscount has basic Gibson tremolo oscillator (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003) Rate the GA-16T Viscount...Do you have a classic Fender guitar or amplifier for sale?There is a bit of flaking on the bridge cover and light wear on the body edges.

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