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Mr Macron is now 39, and his 64-year-old wife was by his side as he celebrated his victory in the first round of the presidential elections last week.Brigitte was still married herself when she met the young academic star, and one of the three children she had with then-husband Andre-Louis Auziere was in Mr Macron's class at the Lycée La Providence in Amiens.” The shaken parents met Ms Trogneux and asked her not to see their son again until he reached adulthood, but she defiantly told them she couldn’t “promise anything”.But the future President’s maternal grandmother, Manette, was surprisingly understanding.She has been a sensation in the acting industry, and people follow her life like a sheep follows its leader.But what she has not opened up about, is the truth about her dating life.Her oldest son, Laurence, is two years older than the man who is now his step-father.

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She has a lot of fan following, and her show Game of Thrones is watched even by the highest level celebrities like Barack Obama and Madonna.

It is said that Brigitte’s family, the Trogneux, respected chocolatiers in the northern French town of Amiens – (coincidentally now specialising in macarons) – did not immediately approve of the relationship with Mr Macron.

At one point, according to a local journalist with a long memory, the love affair created a “pure scandal”.

Mr Macron's parents were troubled by the rumours flying around about their son's infatuation with a woman twice his age, and according to Ms Fulda's exposé they staged a meeting at which Mme Auziere was reduced to tears but refused to back off.

When that intervention and attempts at match-making with a family friend failed to cool the affair, the neurologist and paediatrician decided to dispatch their son to Lycée Henri-IV in Paris, which was both one of the top secondary education institutions in France and a respectable 90 miles (145km) from Amiens.

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