Million year dating

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The fossils have been tentatively classified as members of three distinct genera-- .

(Remember, there was no year 0.)Among geologists, a widespread practice has arisen in the last few decades that gives dates (not ages) in the format " "5 Ma" is a point in time that is 5 million years from the present.

They turned it to a team of archaeologists who checked it, and as it turns out, the rock encasing the hammer was dated to the Ordovician – more than 400 million years ago!

There is some question regarding that dating though, but here’s the kicker – according to initial measurements, the hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old.

The classification of Sahelanthropus has been the most in question.

The earliest australopithecines very likely did not evolve until 5 million years ago or shortly thereafter (during the beginning of the Pliocene Epoch) in East Africa.

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