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Hanna Merjos, mainly known as Hanna Beth, is an alternative / scene model best known for her former massive following of fans on My Space, as well as for her reputation of dating the lead singers in pop rock bands.

In recent years, Merjos has transitioned out of her more scene persona and has transitioned into a more elegant fashion designer.

It’s taken a lot longer than I originally planned, but it’s been really beneficial for the music for us to take our sweet time. Was taking your time a reaction to the compressed making of the last few albums? I had never done it right—like demoed out songs before we did the record, never done pre-production, never revisited songs with the producer.actor announced the end of his nearly 10-month engagement Wednesday night.Let's see where they are about a decade later.modeling at 14 after being discovered at a hair salon, and was a very early adopter when it came to the blogging scene.Never Shout Never albums in 2014, along with the possibility of music from Gonzo (his electronic side project), Eat Me Raw (his thrash-metal/hardcore outfit) and even solo material under his own name.As it turns out, sometimes Drew’s biggest hurdle to success is his own ambition—he ended up not releasing a single piece of new music this year.

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