Uli smile cam

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Smile Cam takes photo only when everybody on a camera preview smiles.

This technology translates to high patient comfort and fewer visits.

Dental professionals are also smiling because the immediate loading procedure is quicker and easier.

Traditionally when patients required a temporary bridge for immediate loading, dentists needed to make an impression or plaster model and bite registration.

After that they sent it to the dental laboratory and waited for one to be made.

Joe Matulis said, “The classes were just like an Ocean Junior lifeguard program.” Joe Matulis taught Junior Lifeguards for 7 seasons while working for the City of San Clemente’s Lifeguard department.

My patients love it, because they can get an implant with a final crown with only two appointments, and just one surgery. They allow me to apply the entire range of my long-term experience for every single case. I can develop each approach in many variations and finally go for the one which is the best option from a technical, medical and esthetical point of view.

They have nearly no swelling and most of the patients don’t even need painkillers. While yesterday, my job was mainly to manufacture prosthetic restorations, it is now to come up with simply the best solution. Perfect results combined with an extremely short treatment time at an affordable price. For us, this is the future of single tooth reconstructions.

Another great thing about the nightlife in Udon Thani is that the supply of girls by far always outnumbers the demand.

Even in high season you will find a fairly relaxed atmosphere while most foreigners are heading to the bars of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

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