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I use this phone from 5.month and I doesnt find any fault in this phone. Camera quality is not bad a compare to other phone. THERE ARE MANY EXTRAORDINARY FEATURES IN THIS SET .

Its look is not bad I choose blact and grey colour . THE REASON BEHIND THIS IS THE BEST BUDGET PHONE WITH ALL SUPERB FEATURES .

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Came home today from school pickup, w/backpack, w/bags of groceries. The cat was on the table eating remains of eggs, the cold front was arriving from the south, the wheelchair had rolled down the meadow slope to get stuck in the blackberry brambles, the groceries stayed standing in bags all over the kitchen floor, un-put-away, to be dodged around, because the present urgency was to get a fire built in the mud room stove, to warm the place up for the boy to tackle his backlog of homework and clarinet practice.Read more Samsung Galaxy J2 is most seller mobile phone And the J series of Samsung is best In the brand I refer for Samsung because it is rough and tough, if u will but Samsung you have Been no need to buy and spend money next time Because it rough and not good...Read more I am using this In 7 years good expireyans I like this networks so good talktime normaley deta chargese normaley opretoar not good sarvece are all ovar not bed usenig best this network dkdjfju susnk kasif are of bed dd9sgsv7c7 zjsser fny fdssd ssirnxusmxjxu djdddbdi nszsis xvidddbxjcuebf xjsddidi nz...He had no shyness about coming into the house with people present or no. Then a few days later, forgetting his lesson, he would show up again.Sands left a chocolate bar out in a bedroom, which must have smelled good, because it invited another trespass. The defunct used-car lot, on which the pile of rubble stands, has a sign reading: “Madonna Motors IS open for business.

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