Bret michaels and dating

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The newly single rock star and father of two was game, on the condition that he could do the show on his own terms.

Extreme sports, rock music and plenty of debauchery are incorporated into Rock of Love.

The Poison frontman gave his fans an insight into his softer side on Life As I Know It.

The 47-year-old Poison frontman appears to have given up his once wild lifestyle to settle down with his family on the new show.

With a twenty year run as lead singer of the band Poison, Bret Michaels is one of the most enduring rock musicians of the past two decades.

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Not enchanted by the attention, Michael's joined forces with Pamela Anderson to pursue aggressive legal action that would eventually curb exposure of the tape.For the most part, Michaels has unrelentingly focused on his music, continuing to record and tour with Poison band mates C. Deville, Rikki Rocket and Bobby Dall, as well as write and record solo music.Bret Michaels is also known in music circles for throwing legendary parties and that fact did not escape VH1 execs or the producers at Mindless Entertainment, when they approached him with the idea of doing a hybrid: rock music/reality/dating show as part of their continuing "Celebreality" lineup.that's life."'And I think the authenticity of it is what people are really going to love.They're going to see me as both a parent and a dad and also being on the road, rocking it.''It's a great balance between my passion and love for my family and my passion and love for being on the road.

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