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With all the sexting and cyber-bullying going on, many parents are nervous about giving their children smart phones Tonight one set of parents have a good reason to feel that way as 14-year-old Molly Hall got an eyeful of what no young teenager should.

Molly received a refurbished Sprint phone filled with nude photos of another couple.

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"My daughter, I feel like her innocence was taken away because of this," said Donovan Hall."You try to shield your kids from that crap and it just pops up," said Lindsey Rusk.

Molly said the experience was upsetting."I saw the new stuff and I was like, 'What is this,'" Hall said.

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It took us 45 minutes to finally get that dress out of her hands!

Every time someone walked by she rushed to put the dress back on, of course not before the whole family of tourists saw her naked.

"It was gross, I was very mortified." Her brand new, albeit refurbished HTC One M8 was full of the explicit photos."It was a couple together, it was their personal photos," Donovan Hall said.

"And they don't want their personal photos out there."Molly deleted the photos after finding them.

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