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An agricultural village, it has a strong local patrimony key to the history of the region.

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Martin is suspended for Weeks 1-3, but he shown impressive quickness and cut-back ability in August. Martin looked quick and in good shape, but the Bucs' offensive line didn't give him any lanes.The missionaries turned it into Memerancook, Memerancooque (1757), Memeramcook (1803), Memramkook (1812), Mamramcook (1812) and finally Memramcook .There have been several recent controversies about the name, such as people who offer the spelling Memramcouk or Memramkouke.It now goes by the slogan of "Notre belle vallée", since the recent re-branding of the village in May 2015.The village name is originally Mi'kmaq and means "variegated" referring to the many intricacies of the Memramcook River.

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