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The Mercian shop in the 1950’s still evokes strong and happy memories amongst cyclists of Derby and beyond.Alan Gifford, life member of the Derby Mercury, remembers the shop being known locally as “Crowbars” (relating to the surnames of founders Tom Crowther and Lou Barker) and recalling the frame building workshop in the late forties.Despite its simplicity, for its time, the Cambio Corsa was a masterpiece of engineering.Ridden by: Joop Zoetemelk Raleigh set up a pro road team in 1972 with the express intention of winning the Tour de France.Before this, riders had to remove their rear wheel and flip it around to change gear. The now famous picture below shows Gino Bartali shifting gear with the Cambio Corsa on a steep mountain pass during his winning ride in the 1948 Tour de France.The gear is changed by operating by two levers on the right side of the bike’s right seatstay.Allow vision-impaired customers to see themselves virtually in new frames while wearing their existing glasses.

The capital of Mercia was the picturesque village of Repton where Mercian kings are buried in St Wystan’s Church in the crypt dating back to the 7th Century.Carter did manage to claim the fifth frame, but a confident Allen then overturned sizeable deficits in the next two with runs of 72 and 67 respectively, and it was not long before he completed a routine victory.Much to the amusement of the assembled journalists, Allen turned up for his post-match press conference with his mouth covered by a piece of tape and initially sat silent for around 15 seconds.He wrote: “You went in through a wicket gate in large double garage type doors.To us, as new enthusiasts, it was entering heaven - when we looked at the club bikes to be seen hanging in the workshop we knew we had to get one. Tom and Ethel always made cyclists of all clubs welcome in their shop, if only for a chat.

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