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When they’re feeling wronged, most people jump at a chance to explain.

The trick is to resist your first impulse (“Who are you and what did you do with the grown-up I proposed to?

If you want women to do the asking, then make yourself accessible — easy to talk to, slow to judge, receptive to invitations and faultlessly immune to gender-baiting.

If you think diamonds are archaic, then look around you.

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In her absence, we look at letters from her archive. However, I think your answer was a little simplistic when you said, “Note, none of these “rules” is gender-specific,” including, “if you ask someone to dinner, you pay.” Let’s be real: The rules are not gender-specific, but the rituals are. Our culture’s courtship rituals are based upon gender roles of previous generations.

If you want women to pick up some checks, then date self-supporting, independent-minded women — or just date women who are givers, not takers, by nature.

If a woman continually sits on her hands while you pay, then stop seeing her.

Auch die Testsieger unter den besten Seitensprung-Agenturen gibt es natürlich bei uns.

Wer einen Seitensprung plant, der hat oft im Hinterkopf sich eine Geliebte oder einen Geliebten zuzulegen.

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