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You also provided ratings on six attributes about your dates: The participants filled out survey questions when they signed up, including what they were looking for in the opposite sex and what they thought others of their own gender looked for. Let's first find out how successful those speed dating events were.If you take the mean ratings and then subtract the self-rating from the peer rating, you see that participants thought others were more into looks while they were also into sincerity and intelligence. If both you and your partner request another date after the first one, then you have a match.

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I recently came across an interesting Kaggle dataset Speed Dating Experiment - What attributes influence the selection of a romantic partner? I never experienced speed dating, so I got curious.What percentage of initial dates resulted in matches?In order to make a match, you need to request another date and get that request accepted.Talk started when Marcia Gay Harden said she would be interested in reprising the role of Christian’s mother. Speaking to People, she said: “I’m trying to now think about it.

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