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With recognized newspapers like Deccan Herald, Dainik Navajyoti and Eenadu news application, News Hunt covers more than 100 newspapers and news sources.News Hunt's users are rising and it is making space in top news apps, 2014. If the King has painful piles in his anus, what is the use of diamond studded golden throne? There may be lacunae in the way examination is held, or there may be loopholes in how an UPSC member is appointed, but there is never corruption involved in the recruitment of civil service officers. When you say you are preparing for IAS, you are confident that you want only IAS and you know how to get it. Managing time during the preparation is the most important aspect of this examination. Re-read the same book even if some coaching institution or a publication house releases new notes/book in the market that has become famous. If you want to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of poor, IAS is the best job. When you buy more and don’t use them, it only worsens your situation. The cure is simple: first understand why you are buying so many books. If something is really missing from the book you have, then go for a new one. What matters in the end is how well you lived your Life, not how many successes you achieved. The whole examination is so opaque that you have to trust it blindly (Oxymoron). (it gets corroded later, that is a different story though)When you say you are preparing for civil services, you are not sure about getting into IAS/IPS. When you scout too many sources to make that perfect notes, you end up both loosing invaluable time and discontented. For example, if there is a question like this, ‘If you are rich, donate some money to this site. You know very well that you don’t read all the magazine and materials you buy.

Available in 12 languages, News Hunt is a platform to read news and ebooks in various national and vernacular languages.The most popular language in Mangalore is Tulu, some authors also refer Mangalore as Tulunadu.Tulu is one of the beautiful dravidian language mainly spoke in dakshina kannada.We give below some of the words which are household in South Kanara.Coffee, Tea, Bread, Butter, Omelet , Motor Car, Taxi, Bus, Train, Aeroplane, Rickshaw, Bicycle, Camera, Watch, Shirt, Trousers, Belt Shoes, Silk, Cotton, Newspaper, Room, Hotel, Night Club, Hospital, Cinema, Market, Post Office, Police Station, Airport, Railway Station, Road, Telephone, Telegram, Stamps, Beach.

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