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Now, summer is full of popsicles, climate change, and solid television programs, including many with queer women characters. Here’s our list of every show we’re aware of that premieres/d between April 23rd and August 31st that contains lesbian, bisexual or queer female characters. This Canadian import is a female-driven production about an ER doctor with a popular side business as a practitioner of assisted suicide.

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His mostly middle-aged, middle-class clients were delighted at the attention he gave to their problems as he read tarot cards at £40 a time and passed on what he claimed were messages from the dead.

They contain everything you need to perform a solid basic version of the specified spell, including detailed instructions, and are ideal for novices, or for those who need a quick, pre-assembled magical framework for a working they wish to do.

They are not a substitute for studying Hoodoo on its own terms, but they do get the job done.2) I would suggest taking a look at the Honey Jar mini-kit, which is readily adaptable to love work of any variety.

This new Shondaland series is listed as an LGBT-themed program on Wikipedia, but we have no idea why!

Lucky Mojo staff hello, I have some questions about your spell kits and hope you can help me.1) I am pagan who has been involved in Wicca for 10 years now and I have only recently started learning about Root-work and Hoodoo do you think that I will be able to get your kits to work for me knowing so little of Hoodoo as I do?

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