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They encourage us to undertake a relentless quest for the "perfect match," to find "the one," or even, most absurdly, our "soulmate." There is a special place in the Hall of Smarm for the asshat who coined the term "soulmate." Granted, I am writing from a heterosexual female perspective, and I can only speak from that experience, so extrapolate what you will.Even if there were one person in America -- even in New York City -- finding him would be doubtful, regardless of if I rode the L train in a Sysiphean loop with a rose for a bookmark in , listening to Mumford and Sons on repeat. We are made to feel that if we haven't found "the one," we are missing something.Not missing something important but expendable, like our earbuds, or the finale, but missing a part of ourselves -- our other half.En el año 2000 Adams se retiró completamente de los negocios.Actualmente vive retirada y tiene una existencia muy confortable, sin planes de volver a la industria del cine para adultos.

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