Eom or end of month dating

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Hi developers, in Italy is usual a long term payment. Regards Giusba Italy Well web ERP calculates the number of days overdue based on the terms - so the aging report is always relative to the due date.Our most used payment term is "60 days end of month". Current is not yet due and the number of days overdue can be specified as system parameters.

An end of month invoice is e-mailed on the first of the month ...

For instance: with a "60 days end of month" payment an invoice dated today will be due the (60 days AND end of month). I am considering an enhancement to the Supplier invoice screen where you can override default Supplier terms. One of our suppliers has issued us 2 different terms based on whether we buy a truckload or a rail car from them.

It is usual, after 60 net days, a payment due in a day in the following month, the 5th or 10th or 15th. So in order to not have to constantly change the Supplier terms before entering an invoice I am going to allow them to be overwritten at invoice time(although defaulting to Supplier master).

It could be possible have tree or more different percentage of payment at 30, 60, 90 days (EOM or day of month) Maybe I'm asking too much! However now we are using the 30, 60, 90 net days, but we have to remember if the payment is due at the end of the month or in a day of the following month.

This is not so usual, but we agreed this with our most important supplier.

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