Sara ramirez dating anyone

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Ramirez joins the ranks of Jada Pinkett Smith and Gina Rodriguez, who in the past few years have hit us with edgy, shaved hairstyles. recently dubbed women with completely-shaved heads as being on trend, while a writer at The Cut cited a completely practical reason for picking up the clippers — humidity.Whatever the case, we’re all for the Eleven-effect — and network TV actresses leading the way.After testing the waters of singledom at the end of last season, Callie (Sara Ramirez) will go full speed ahead as she tries to find new love.But don't expect that to sit well with her ex, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw)."When two people have had this kind of committed, tumultuous relationship - and it has been that - and then finally they go their separate ways, there's still love there," executive producer Debbie Allen, who also plays Catherine Avery on the show, tells & while @PFLAG response was amazing,where is network's response?The actor's response wasn't enough 4 [email protected] was in the same room.“We were so focused on the family acceptance portion of the episode that we completely missed the joke,” PFLAG said in a statement.“In hindsight, we should have caught it and we blew it.

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As time went on, Calzona faced their own fair share of struggles.

But unfortunately, they don't have the option of avoiding each other.

"When people have children together, they can't divorce totally," Allen notes.

"You still have to see them, whether you can't stand them or not."Crave scoop on your favorite TV shows?

She's a passionate, hot-blooded woman who isn't afraid to ruffle feathers in the typically male-dominated hospital environment. Then, keep reading to see more of Callie's best moments through the years. They later surprised everyone by eloping in Las Vegas!

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