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Co.1994, Greenfield, J.], member profile, photos and video maintained at company's center for perusal by other members, such services were covered by statute because “It does not matter whether defendant actually matches its members.

The statute specifically includes services which utilize computers (G.

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The lawsuit follows an investigation into dozens of complaints from consumers throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The defendants are accused of violating Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.

The suit seeks more than ,000 in consumer restitution, civil penalties, forfeiture of profits and an injunction barring the defendants from operating until all restitution and fines are paid. Consumers filed complaints against Great Expectations former King of Prussia location that closed in June 2005.

The Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection office in Philadelphia filed the lawsuit against the following businesses and company officers: Great Expectations, formerly located at 150 S. Corbett said Great Expectations through 2006 used print, direct mail, radio, television, telemarketing and the Internet to promote and advertise it’s dating services.

But multiple customers tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers they feel they got taken. Their purpose is to take your money during that interview," said one female customer who asked to have her identity protected because she's embarrassed she paid ,995 for what she thought would be a high-end matchmaking service.

The woman we'll call Jan said she went in for a prescreen interview at the company's headquarters on Colorado Boulevard where she was told only 52 percent of customers are offered a membership.

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