Paul salas dating

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“Siguro ‘yung para lang hindi magsisi ulit, dapat sure ka sa isang bagay na pinapasok mo eh. Kailangan kung magiging boyfriend mo, kailangan sigurado ka kasi hindi biro ‘yung break up or something,” she explained.

Just recently, Salas took the social media by storm after he shared a clip of how he asked Imperial to be his date on Justin Bieber’s September concert in the Philippines.

We all experience going out on a date with the opposite sex and whether you admit it or not, not all dates we’ve been through are perfect.

Some are surprisingly romantic, some are just okay, some are boring and we also have our own worst date experiences.

Read how the cop turned hero in this lady’s worst date experience: Although it’s not clear what are the exact stupidity done by the guy, it’s enough for the cop to stand up and rescue the lady.

The cop gained praises from netizens who are now calling him a true hero.

The douchebag came up and gave him a taste of justice that he deserves.

Speaking to entertainment site Push, Imperial shared why she hasn’t agreed to be Salas’s girlfriend just yet despite liking all of the actor’s qualities.One Reddit user asked the women of Reddit, “what has been your worst ‘nice guy’ experience?” Numerous users have shared their own stories but one stood above the rest.As an alumnus of the show, he was cast to play roles in numerous GMA's Philippine primetime soap operas such as Mulawin, Encantadia and Majika.His biggest acting break was in 2004, when he played the role of Ricky in the Joven Tan's horror film "Forever my Love".

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