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Now that we got your attention, the very same models and concepts alike can be used to illustrate what we observe on the dating field today.The instinctive belief is that the dating paradigm is emotionally driven, and at the end of this you’d probably see the whole chase in a different light: that it’s essentially one big market with ‘transactions’ taking place everyday.Solemn often adds to grave the suggestion of impressiveness: The judge was solemn when issuing the sentence.Earnest implies sincerity and intensity of purpose: We are earnest in our desire to reach an equitable solution.The Dictionary Act tells us that in the law, singular includes plural and plural, singular, unless context says otherwise; the present tense includes the future; and the masculine includes the feminine (but not the other way around–so much for equal protection). as well as individuals,” which is why AT&T is currently trying to convince the Supreme Court that it is a person entitled to “personal privacy.” (The Act doesn’t specify whether “insane person” includes “insane corporation.”) And then there’s the definition of writing.

Most of us have experienced a serious relationship by accident, usually when we really like the person we’re dating and it just naturally develops into something more.

Still, revision is an integral part of writing, and revising the Dictionary Act seems worth a try.

These adjectives refer to manner, appearance, disposition, or acts marked by absorption in thought, pressing concerns, or significant work.

Serious implies a concern with responsibility and work as opposed to play: serious students of music.

Sober emphasizes circumspection and self-restraint: "When ...

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