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The following information refers, in the most part, to the Asian world.Here, Muslim marriages are generally arranged by the parents, with the bride and groom themselves having the final say about who they will wed.Your essential guide to the Muslim wedding ceremony Islam, the world’s second largest religion after Christianity, was founded by the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century AD.It is still the leading faith in the Arab world, as well as in most of the Middle East.After a slow start, the discussion took off and now has 17,000 comments, or about four a day.

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Perhaps it was my heart singing with anticipation, but I always felt something distinct about the air, too, as if infused all of sudden with a kind of sanctity.

The actual proposal comes from the woman, who contacts the man through an intermediary ‐‐ normally a male relative.

Strictly speaking, Muslim women cannot marry outside their faith.

And then came the first glance of the marbled minarets, and the Grand Mosque, lit up in all its glory, lay before our eyes.

During the last few trips for Umrah (minor pilgrimage), the journey to Mecca has been poignant for all its spiritual significance — the only aberration in sight is now posed by the glittering Abraj al Bait (Royal Hotel Clock Tower), visible to the eye from a distance of a good 30 kilometers.

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