Divyanka and sharad dating

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The beautiful and fresh face of small screen Divyanka Tripathi and Maharana Pratap of TV Ssharad Malhotra were in a hush hush relationship.

After seven years they finally admitted their relationship to the world and were buzzed to get hitched this year (2015).

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya recorded a special song for their wedding day For the first time ever since the lovebirds parted ways, Ssharad remembers the best moments spent with his ladylove Divyanka.

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At first reports of their marriage and more recently about their break-up.

The couple issued a statement and refused to reveal much about their split.

I was crying from within but I couldn’t show it while shooting. I was falling ill too and even suffered a bout of food-poisoning. I have realised that I have to do things to make me happy. Divyanka: I would love to keep a relation with them. Divyanka: (Laughs) I am open to everything right now whether love or arranged. There should be equal reciprocation of love and warmth from him. So if love happens, I would want my man to love me as much as I love him.

People around me started saying something is jinxed. Ques: Would you like to be in a relationship with someone from the industry again or would you prefer a non-industry person this time? Thoda sa darr lagta hai (I am a bit scared now) but as the saying goes, ‘Never say never’. Circumstances become such that people go their different ways but that doesn’t mean they are bad. I haven’t spoken to them but I really respect them a lot. Ques: Are you open to working with Ssharad in future? Now that I am growing, I wont expect anything out of him. If there is no complete love, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship. I want to go places and I also want the other person to go places.

Even though clad in jeans and a shirt, Divyanka looks every bit of Dr Ishita (her character in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) wrapped in a Kanjeevaram saree on the television screen.

Thankfully, I broke my leg and my mother came and suddenly things became beautiful. With them around, you try looking around for ways to make yourself happy because you know that if you are happy, they will be happy.

Success and celebrity status have not changed her - she still retains her intrinsic simplicity and spontaneous smile. Her mother (currently in tinsel town to seek treatment for her foot pain), accompanied her.

In 2003, she won the crown of Miss Beautiful Skin in Miss Teen Contest organised by a leading entertainment television channel. And a few years later, a talent hunt competition opened up the gates of the small screen for her.

In the interview, the actor says that their relationship hit the rough patch but that break-ups in a relationship were normal and happens to everybody.

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