Scott elrod dating

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He earned his pilot license after graduation and became an air traffic controller.During his high school days Scott excelled at maths and science, also enjoyed baseball and ran track.After graduation Scott ran on a different kind of track, racing motorcycles.He held down many different jobs including pizza delivery and laying runways at Denver International airport.He relocated to Los Angeles and started an acting class, six days a week.Scott Elrod is an American actor and he was born in the American Military family in the area called Bitburg which is a city of Germany.

TVLine reports that Elrod, who played Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) brief love interest Dr.He got the pilot license after the graduation and he started to work as air traffic controller.He started to play after seeing the film called Top Gun and he said that he will be an actor at his turn.Thorpe on the most recent season of Grey's, has been cast as Travis Brenner, a social Tonight on ABC Grey’s Anatomy returns with a great all new Thursday March 31, season 12 episode 16 titled “When It Hurts So Bad,” On tonight’s episode, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) gets closer to Will, (Scott Elrod) but then she has April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams)'s first pregnancy was a traumatic experience on Grey's Anatomy, and by the looks of things, their second isn't going to be much better.At the start of Thursday's episode, we rewind a bit Grey's Anatomy fans, are you ready for Mc Dreamy 2.0? Thorpe (Scott Elrod), the heartthrob military surgeon we met last week, has been calling Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) nonstop since he asked for her number.

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