Ntp not updating time

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If you want to get started quickly, with the best results for minimum fuss, please see my Raspberry Pi NTP quick-starter page.

Please also see that page for issues with the Jessie release of Linux, and with the newer Raspberry Pi model 3.

To accomplish this task it uses the to estimate accurate time from different noisy sources.

This article is probably most useful for someone with system administration experience.

On my current distribution the Beaglebone Black does not come with a working NTP installation in order to set the time.

Because the board doesn’t have a battery backup, this means that we need a way to set the time when the board is running.

The NTP acronym stands for Network Time Protocol, a networking communication protocol for clock synchronization between network clients, operating since 1980’s.

The NTP job is to synchronize all network participants to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) within a few milliseconds.

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