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A few weeks ago, I asked the women in our community how they make money in retirement.Their answers were amazing and showed just how creative our generation has become when it comes to supplementing our income in the best years of our lives.Perhaps still more impressive: the ratio of women to men using the app, which is just about even—uncommon for this sector. What I have seen with the rise of social media is that children are not facing bullying on a playground, they are facing it on their cell phones. I received an e-mail from my current Bumble partner, Andrey Andreev, who is the founder and C. He said, “Whitney, you’re very familiar with the dating space. If you look at where we are in the current heteronormative rules surrounding dating, the unwritten rule puts the woman a peg under the man—the man feels the pressure to go first in a conversation, and the woman feels pressure to sit on her hands. If we can take some of the pressure off the man and put some of that encouragement in the woman’s lap, I think we are taking a step in the right direction, especially in terms of really being true to feminism.Young girls are facing tremendous pressure on apps like Instagram, Twitter, and all sorts of social platforms. Why not do what you’re good at and do what you know? I think we are the first feminist, or first attempt at a feminist dating app.Find out the best ways to get paid to stay rent-free in exotic locations you’ve always wanted to see.You may already have a big head start on this moneymaker.

Rushes of warm water, waves of pleasure, full-bodied tensing, an eruption, a sweaty build-up of pressure, a deep exhale or a deep tissue massage, and “absolutely exhilarating” are just of the terms used to describe exactly how amazing sex and orgasms feel to women.It’s no secret that sex feels great; it’s why humans have been shagging with delight for thousands of years!But have you ever wondered what sex feels like for your partner?Emotional and mental stimulation are just as important for some as physical attraction and arousal.[Read: Sex in a relationship and what that means to a woman] What does sex feel like for a woman?

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