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[Hook] [Verse 3: La Chat] Yeah, I'm a thug bitch You drugs bitch I love the hood and my folks be on that bullshit Gone catch you slippin' so don't play in Memphis We 'bout that life so get right Hope you pay attention Them goons they be lurkin' they come out at night Mayne for yo' pockets then yo' wallet they will take yo' life Clubbin' druggin' thuggin' all the way until the sunny light Party's at my house we live as hell 4sho we'll get you right Blowing nothing but herbs through my lungs got my mind blown Dip it in that drank my words slurred now I'm super throwed Fuck it, it ain't nothing else to do, so I hit up Boo We so with the shit it ain't no telling what we finna' do We thuggin!

TY: taeiltaeil: what TY: i think i accidentally wore your boxers to work todayna jaemin: whatnakamoto yuta: whathaechan: i forgot we even had a group chatjeno: i know righttaeil: wait what TY: fuck TY: wrong chatsi cheng: too bad si cheng: now you've got to explainjohnny: what were you doing that resulted in you putting on taeil's underwear instead of your own jaehyun: i thought we let this chat thread dieten: we diddoyoung: well can we get back to that doyoung: i was enjoying not having any notifications doyoung: you guys talk too much and my phone never stops going offjohnny: are you still there taeyong TY: nomark: did this chat really need to be resurrected mark: it died two weeks ago mark: nobody wants it backsi cheng: speak for yourselfjeno: yeah what the fuck you guys jeno: you can't just say something like that and not explaindoyoung: are you ready to admit that you're dating nowsi cheng: it's not that hardnakamoto yuta: if you'd just be open about it like we are nakamoto yuta: i promise that your life would get a billion times easierten: wait ten: you guys are datingnakamoto yuta: where have you even beensi cheng: it's been nine monthsten: ohtaeil: easy for you guys to say taeil: you guys actually dating taeil: we are not TY: what TY: what do you mean we're not TY: i'm jk we're notjaehyun: oh jaehyun: i was about to be like jaehyun: taeil what the fuck jaehyun: that's not very nicena jaemin: then what are you if you're not datingnakamoto yuta: friends who suck each other's dicks TY: can you notten: i agree ten: can you nothaechan: don't act like jeno and i didn't walk in on you oncemark: you did whatjeno: can confirm jeno: was blind for two days afterwardstaeil: you were not taeil: stop being dramaticjohnny: does that you're admitting to what they're saying TY: nodoyoung: na jaemin: can we drop this please na jaemin: haechan is just a baby and his poor virgin eyes don't need to be seing thishaechan: not that i'm going to argue with wanting to drop it haechan: but you and jeno the same age as i amjeno: correction jeno: i am the oldest because my birthday comes before both of yoursna jaemin: like it matterstaeil: false taeil: i am the oldest because i was born before any of youjeno: okay grandpa jeno: much better jeno: but what jeno: why did you stay the night with him TY: because he picked me up from workmark: and he took you to his house instead of yours mark: ???

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