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If your dark secret is only a slight misstep that you rectified long ago, something that will have no impact on dating or your life now, first consider whether you need to share it at all.

Dear 4-Way, I am dating a man I am very much in love with.

Along the way she survives humorous misadventures, absorbs fascinating folklore, and comes to understand that memories of the dead can bring new life to the present.

Part travel memoir and part family saga, North of Ithaka is, above all, a journey home.

We all do bad things—and he was a troubled child himself at the time—but I can’t help but feel this crosses a line. Please help.—TW, Tacoma, Washington The straight woman’s perspective: Rebecca Brown Whoa.

Now, I am distancing myself from him and feel very uncomfortable around him. That must’ve felt like having a massive ticking bomb dropped right in your lap.

There are all types of secrets — everything from a nasty divorce to theft — and for sure, many of them might cause your girl to hesitate.

In doing so, she leaves behind a sparkling social life and successful career to continue the tale of a family and a place which her father, Nicholas Gage, made famous over twenty years ago with his international bestseller, Eleni.

We should all just keep our secrets to ourselves, because they aren’t meant to be known by others. That might work…if you plan to live alone for the rest of your life.

You want intimacy, romance, and a relationship strong enough to last a lifetime.

It is a romantic rite of passage that often marks a deepening of your relationship.

Here are five tips for getting to the other side stronger than ever: Decide whether disclosure is truly necessary.

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