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It appears that the integration of Muslims in the Republic of Ireland has been a success story, a notion that is reiterated by representatives of major Muslim organisations, Christian churches, the media, Irish politicians and in academic scholarship to some extent as well1.

Certain factors create different dynamics in discussions of the place of Islam in Ireland: Ireland is the only postcolonial country in Western Europe; religion in the form of the Catholic Church has played a significant role in the construction of Irish nationalism and exercised immense social power in the past; a process of secularisation only began in the 1970s; Ireland’s experience of multiculturalism is very recent, only beginning in the early 1990s with the economic boom leading to mass immigration to Ireland and a rapid increase of the Muslim population.

Apart from providing an overview of Muslim immigration to the Republic of Ireland in the last 20 years, the paper critically engages with the discourse of Irish exceptionalism and discusses how Ireland’s experience of colonialism shapes current discourses on the new Islamic presence in the Republic of Ireland.

En raison de son passé colonial, l’Irlande a souvent été décrite comme un Etat exceptionnel en Europe occidentale.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations recently filed 15 discrimination charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging religious accommodation violations and plans to file more charges, it announced April 28.

It was born of a lengthy battle between the state and the Roman Catholic Church at the end of the 19th century.

But as jihadist terrorists have struck repeatedly in France, and as social tensions have mounted, political leaders on both left and right have used the principle to constrain Muslims.

Due to its colonial past, Ireland has often been described as an exceptional state in Western Europe.

The discourse of Irish exceptionalism also suggests a smoother path of integration for Muslim migrants compared to other Western European countries.

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