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Since its inception in 2004, Ok Cupid has hosted over 10 million users—people like me, just searching for a soul mate and clicking for a companion.

With the new Domain, those seeking out that special someone will benefit by being able to identify online dating services under a trustworthy domain extension, making it easy to build friendships and seek out that romantic adventure.

They'll help you handle everything from awkward pick-up lines to unwelcome sexual advances, and even the grandfather of all online dating disasters: the shameless dick pic.

The Cyber-Dating Experts Online Dating Boot Camp is a private 30-day intensive program guaranteed to ramp up your love life.

Here are just a few examples of how online profiles lie.

What online dating sites do well is up your odds of meeting people you might not otherwise ever come in contact with. Today Facebook is a lot more like TV than it used to be.

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