Dating reasurance growth presentation

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80 per cent of couples will become pregnant within one year so if you have been trying for longer than this you should seek advice.

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You may now find that standing for a lengthy period of time causes you to feel dizzy or light-headed.The degree and amount of knowledge people are given during this process is important as individuals have different preferences for how involved they want to be in knowing the specifics of their treatment.There are indications that for some individuals too much information about the refeeding process can provoke more social comparisons, a greater need for reassurance, negative self-evaluation (for not meeting the standard), and can fuel the sufferer’s intolerance for uncertainty and discomfort.The event will include expert presentations and an opportunity for you to have a private, free “mini” consultation with one of our Fertility Nurse Specialists.This is your opportunity to have an informal chat about your current situation and your next steps.

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