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Noel Fielding frets to Alice Jones about being 'in limbo', the possibility of children and being the next Spike Milligan “I'm not Mr Weird,” says Noel Fielding.

“I don't go home and live in a psychedelic castle made out of bubbles, you know.” So what is his house like? It's like Yellow Submarine in there.” He guffaws and throws himself back on the sofa, kicking his silver pixie boots into the air. “I don't go out like that.” When he was younger, he saw Jarvis Cocker in the street, looking cool in top-to-toe corduroy, “and I remember thinking, if you ever become famous, you have to maintain your image.

This new sing-off between The Vamps and Conor Maynard will probably be the best thing you watch today.

The 24-year-old British singer takes on Brad Simpson (with James Mc Vey, Connor Ball, and Tristan Evans playing in the background) as they sing different songs set to Ed Sheeran‘s new hit “Shape of You.” They threw in some TLC, Sia, Beyonce, Drake, Bruno Mars, and more. “You know what they say, if you can’t join them, beat them. ……unless you say The Vamps, then your opinion is irrelevant.” WHO DO YOU THINK won this sing-off?

Following three days without food, Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies was left seriously worried about the group's wellbeing. At the end of the episode this evening he was seen radioing to Bear's team to get out."I think it's time I leave the island and come home," he said.

The couple, who got married in May, announced the news via social media - fitting, seeing as they announced Chloe was pregnant with a cute bump photo on Instagram."A little nose,lots of hair and looking like his mummy @There's no pic of the new arrival yet, or any hint of a baby name, but we're happy for the sweet couple, whose baby will have plenty of JLS playmates. Shortly after tying the knot, JLS star JB Gill and his partner Chloe Tagney have revealed that they are expecting their first child.

Publicly me and the boys aren't together as a band, but we're still in touch, we're always messaging each other and we're behind each other 100 percent." Meanwhile, the 'Beat Again' hitmaker has teamed up with UK charity Cash for Kids for their annual Mission Christmas campaign, which raises money and donates gifts to disadvantaged children.

Talking about how he got involved, he said: "I jumped at the chance.

He posted this sweet bump shot on his account, with no caption (he let the picture do the talking)."So so so excited! x," Marvin wrote, while Michelle added: "@Chloe SGill @JBGill You don't understand how excited Auntie Roch is... Love you guys too much."Chloe and JB tied the know in Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute in Scotland in May, five months after getting engaged. The singer tweeted that he was the "happiest man on the planet" following the big day on Saturday.

He said: "The experience has been liberating so far.

It's exciting because you don't know what's round the corner." Discussing whether he feels lonely without the JLS guys with him in the studio, he added: "Not so much because I've got a fantastic team.

The boots are the least outlandish element of the comedy star's look today, comprising as it does tight jeans, a shaggy black fur coat with a Chanel logo spray-painted on the back, a giant patent handbag in the shape of a watermelon and, painted across his face, some bright Bowie zig-zags. If you saw Nick Cave in the supermarket in tracksuit bottoms, you'd kill yourself.

Does he ever have a dress-down day, slob out a bit? I'm not particularly a slippers and dressing gown type. I don't have a weird tracksuit I put on when I get in…

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