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The 30-year-old actor said the loss he went through after that tragedy is may be the reason why he does not date as much now, reported E! "I dated a girl a couple of years ago, who died in a car accident.

The thing is, it was a fender bender, and there was a recall on airbags.

Financed by Castle Rock Entertainment, it marks Eastwood's first directorial foray away from Warner Bros, his home studio since 1975.

He's the star of the eighth instalment of the Fast And Furious franchise. 'She clearly had that Friday feeling on the show, with the presence of the ever-excitable Teletubbies and Clint Eastwood's attractive son.

Thus, in a theme that seems resonant for Eastwood, a man with a less than squeaky clean past ends up with more power than the President of the United States.

The movie is the most expensive Eastwood has directed, costing more than million.

'The franchise is indeed set to continue, with a ninth and tenth film set for a 20 release.

PHOTOS: Couples with big age differences Post-breakup, the pair were involved in a shocking exes swap.

The Oscar winner romanced photographer Erica Tomlinson-Fisher soon after as Dina, 48, began to date Tomlinson-Fisher's ex–husband, University of Hawaii basketball coach Scott Fisher.

Last August, Us broke news of the couple's separation.

Two months later, Dina filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences." See pics of handsome Clint Eastwood over the years.

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