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From here, the historic inner city is within easy reach.

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A Belgian militant had a medical note saying he had back pain and would not join the battle. The documents on 14 “problem” fighters from the Tariq Bin Ziyad battalion – made up largely of foreigners – were found by Iraqi forces after they took over an Isis base in a neighbourhood of Mosul last month.Haplogroup T is one of the most widely dispersed paternal lineages in the world.In Europe, it makes up only 1% of the population on most of the continent, except in Greece, Macedonia and Italy where it exceeds 4%, and in Iberia where it reaches 2.5%, peaking at 10% in Cadiz and over 15% in Ibiza. Everybody have their own dream and expectation about their life partner. Anyone can easily search their life partner in any where from the world.

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