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Another important point though is that while Muslims are allowed to date non-Muslims, they are told to date 'women of the book' meaning Christians or Jews.

Within the covenant community of faith, there should be those around a person that can speak of their reputation and whether they are serious about growing in the Lord and putting sin to death in their life. Is there seriousness in this person to grow in their relationship and understanding with the Lord?

As insensitive as it may be, it's the truth and it's very superficial. But my main point is all weight loss programs advertise how good you would look after loosing the fat, but there are no commercials that directly imply fat people are less attractive.

Most guys do look less attractive, but a bald person is definitely not 80% less likely to meet someone than a person with a full head. I have always maintained that there is truth to the fact that your looks take a huge hit. But regardless I refuse to believe that everything else being constant a Bald guy would get 80% less sucess in meeting women. I haven't seen a single commerical where a fat women or guy get turned down, or someone advertises a study about how fat women are less likely to find a decent guy.

Muslim men are very passionate about their beliefs and their traditions and many people will see this as a highly attractive quality.

However it does also mean that you are taking on both the man and his values and while you don't necessarily have to agree with them (the Muslim faith does not discriminate between religions), you will have to make sure that you are happy making compromises and comfortable with your partner's views just as in any inter-religion relationship.

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