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Students were seen stopping in front of a destroyed fire truck or listening to the voice messages of a fallen firefighter.After a few hours in the Museum, students walked around the waterfall memorial that stood at the footprint of the original Twin Towers.They have also criticized other segments of the Orthodox community who have pressed the halakhah (Orthodox rendering of Jewish law)to allow women greater activity in public ritual and religious leadership.Yet, even the most traditional of Orthodox Jews have come to recognize that modern conditions have necessitated that girls and young women in America receive a more extensive Jewish education than their mothers and grandmothers had.And so I’m very grateful to you for asking me and I’m very happy to be here.[Audience claps] EPSTEIN: So, what’s the first library that you remember?

Coached by coaches from all the yeshiva leagues, the games were extremely competitive, with some buzzer-beaters.

In the most recent generation, some of these Orthodox men and women have loudly opposed what they perceived to be the deleterious impact feminism has made on American Jewish life.

They have censured Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist leaders for their broad redefinitions of women’s roles.

Orthodox views on the role women may play in their community’s religious, educational, and social life have reflected the range of attitudes that religious group has harbored toward American society and culture.

Generally, those Orthodox Jews who have resisted Americanization and who have attempted to live religious lives reminiscent of their European past have not countenanced the active participation of women within the synagogue.

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