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crazes apparently thought up just to annoy Brits: Putting dogs in purses That all-American heroine Paris Hilton pioneered the trend of stuffing miniature hounds into handbags. Which is a good thing really, because what Chihuahua pup doesn’t grow up with its parents grooming them to one day sit atop a pile of old lipsticks and tampons that have broken free of their wrapper? back in 2010, Americans were horrified, but many of them for an entirely different reason: what was the dumb Brit owner doing letting their precious bundle of fur out into the big wide world in the first place?Indoor cats Before moving to New York, I’d never heard of anyone keeping a healthy, young cat in their house – or, as is often the case in this ludicrously expensive city, an apartment so small your kitchen is a fridge. Perhaps it’s the bottomless Mimosas made with high ethanol, sparkling puppy urine.

Common words like “love” and “sex” fall off the list, leaving behind only the most place-specific words.K., but the American hipster, native to Brooklyn and Portland, is the undiluted original.They’re nearly always parentally sponsored artists of some kind (usually the bad kind), or they work for a tech start-up to get money for falafel and hats.The MLB is known for its ‘World Series’ which is an annual championship series and was first contested in 1903 between Pittsburgh and Boston.“I really love old photos and I believe that correct colourisation and art can bring a little harmony and beauty to the world,” said Natalia.

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