Who is tinchy stryder dating

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Name: Tinchy Stryder Age: 28Occupation: Musician Relationship status: Dating Phobias: “I don’t want to say anything to jinx myself.”Interesting fact: Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb helped him to kick-start his career. The rapper said he agreed to go to the jungle because he enjoys challenges, and stressed it didn’t make him ‘uncool’. ] or a person are lickin' em Bagging out 1/8ths in the yard and we're lickin' em True story, strides I was giving em Black leaders, I'm bigging em up Cause they went through all that long in the future This ain't end, no picking man up Look, next time I know yourself in the future [Hook: Tinchy Stryder (x2)] [Verse 2: Fuda Guy] Before the days of Martin Luther, Malcolm X Black people struggled to a different extent Like being shipped from the motherland Stripped, caged, raped, mistreated And beated all the way to another land Given new names like Sally and Dan Brothers and sisters getting separated Getting sold up for less than around Life back then was a struggle, no doubt Suicide was committed and I had to get out Cause people knew what time it was If you did try to holler or shout New day now and it still ain't easy Black people are still on our greazy grind Who knows if it'll change in time Oi Strydes, do you think it'll change in time?Tinchy's latest release, The Cloud 9 LP / 360, drops tomorrow and is easily his most personal record to date.[Produced by ISHi] [Verse 1: Giggs] Time to get that profit all in Won't rest 'til all my niggas rocket ballin' I don't even think I stopped this mornin' I'm that nigga that usually gets them what's-it-calleds in I'm caught, when it's time to get that shoppin' sorted Oh, this Armani blazer, bitch I got imported Yeah I like that whip Because I'm on the bands, only reason I ain't dropped that forty Hot chicks see me on the streets and they stop and call me Want me to get my willy out so they can toss it for me Got 'em goin' topless for me When she pop it for me, really got me horny Record label contract, my lawyers got it for me Dotted all the I's and the T's, can you cross 'em for me?You can try and put your crosses on me I don't watch hate, I got shooters that'll watch it for me [Verse 2: Professor Green] I'm heavy, I'm colder Better me, no sir I could tear apart MC's, but I'd rather read A book on childcare by Kerry Katona No niceness, I ran out of it, dumb it down a bit Ain't somethin' I'm prepared to do Well I ain't ever gonna run out of lip Here's somethin' I prepared for you I tried to relax But being spaced it inspires me back When will I be nice to Katie Price?

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