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You wouldn't bug an NFL player too much if you were both at a scouting combine and he was intensely surveying his potential competition; and it's the same thing during bodybuilding, figure, and fitness contests for the women.- Online dating services.Surprisingly, many women who have competed in bodybuilding, figure, or fitness have ventured to online dating services in order to meet men whom they consider to be to "real" and "authentic." Yes, national-caliber competitors have gone online so consider this as well.The muscular woman and more specifically the female bodybuilder faces complications. There are also occurrences in the bodybuilding subculture that one would not expect.Marcie Simmons explores the issues and challenges in these videos.Many female bodybuilders will attest to ‘standing out like a sore thumb’ in a crowd and being starred at by men and women.Some will even joke that they are often treated like “aliens”.There are double standards, unrealistic expectations, and some negative aspects from third wave feminism that have changed the way in which courtship functions.Relations between the sexes is constantly evolving due to shifts in culture and society.

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Did you find yourself running through excuses for why you couldn’t do the same as Ernestine? Did her story move you to tears, as it did in my case? What are you going to make of yourself in the coming years? What steps are you taking now to make sure that you continue to stay healthy and happy in your later years? These are a few of the thoughts that went through my mind as I watched this emotional and uplifting video of Ernestine Shepherd, the world’s oldest female bodybuilder.It’s not so much Shepherd’s body that I find impressive – although, I would love to have even a fraction of her physical strength.Truth is, these women are rarely given a chance of getting to know them before being scrutinized.This mindset of society alone may be one of the most intriguing reasons why some men are fascinated with female muscle.

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