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We planned to meet up and discuss whether we’d continue, but I was pretty sure we were done.

We’d only been on five dates, and it didn’t seem like the relationship was going in the right direction.

In fact, London has one of the lowest stalking rates because of our relationship, because we work so collaboratively with the police," she said.

Walker asked organizers to remove the word "slut" from the walk and instead name it a women's walk or equality walk, but was told that would defeat its purpose. It's much like the n-word that was given to blacks many years ago to degrade those individuals."While some women may find it empowering, others, including victims of sexual violence, find it hurtful, she said.

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The London walk was organized after a Toronto police officer said women should avoid dressing like "sluts" so they aren't victimized.

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explores the phenomenon of slut-shaming in the age of sexting, tweeting, and “liking.” She shows that the sexual double standard is more dangerous than ever before and offers wisdom and strategies for alleviating its destructive effects on young women’s lives.

Young women are encouraged to express themselves sexually.

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