Dating stories trenches

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It was a very great surprise and even a shock when you told me you loved me and I had not the slightest idea you were going to tell me so then.

When the German advance across France was halted and flung back in the early autumn of 1914, both sides reached for spade and pick.

You will notice I am saying “liking” – I have never thought whether I loved you or not – I knew you liked me, somehow, but I had not thought you loved me – it is why I had not thought of it so much, that it has been so hard to see if my “liking” for you had turned into love for you.

Before I say any more I want you to think whether you yourself are quite sure you love me, and that when you asked me to marry you you were not influenced by any excitement of the moment – because you had not seen me for some time or because you were just going away.

By the 17th century, with the development of musketry and artillery, “digging in” was the commonest method of avoiding enemy firepower, and trench lines were the standard way of conducting a siege.

The defensive lines of Torres Vedras, dug by the British in Portugal to deny Napoleon victory in the Peninsular War, were again used by the British in the siege of Sebastopol in the Crimea, and by both sides in the American Civil War.

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