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Includes sites of banner ad servers, sites with pop-up advertisements, and sites with known adware.

Note: Sophos's advanced categorization data uses the most current technical definition for Adware, and thus recognizes the difference between non-malicious adware, such as "cookies" and more serious Spyware.

Includes sites for adult products including sex toys, CD-ROMs, and videos; child pornography and pedophilia (including the IWF list); adult services including video-conferencing, escort services, and strip clubs; erotic stories and textual descriptions of sexual acts; explicit cartoons and animation; online groups, including newsgroups and forums that are sexually explicit in nature; sexually-oriented or erotic sites with full or partial nudity; depictions or images of sexual acts, including with animals or inanimate objects used in a sexual manner; sexually exploitive or sexually violent text or graphics; bondage, fetishes, genital piercing; naturist sites that feature nudity; and erotic or fetish photography, which depicts nudity.

Note: We do not include sites regarding sexual health, breast cancer, or sexually transmitted diseases (except those with graphic examples).

” “I’m looking for someone to share my upper-middle-class, overeducated, freelance-creative-type lifestyle.” “I bet you know just what to do with a girl’s click wheel.” “I can’t wait to upload your i Pod to my Mac Book.” “Once you go Mac, you never go back.” “I can go all night without getting Microsoft.” “When you touch me, the connection between us is like Firewire.” “You make me overheat like the battery on a defective i Book G4.” “You make me want to license your laptop to play my i Tunes library.” “Are you into role playing?

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” “If you show me your apps, I’ll show you mine.” “Touch pads always put me in the mood.” “Want to test my shake function?

Includes sites for museums, galleries, artist sites (sculpture, photography, etc.), performing arts (theater, vaudeville, opera, symphonies, etc.), dance companies, studios, and training; book reviews and promotions; and variety magazines and poetry.

Includes sites of weblogs (blogs), newsgroups, and opinion or discussion forums.

According to the police, about 1,700 customers took advantage of the offer on the opening weekend.

Gang bangs." The price: €70 during the day and €100 in the evening.

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