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Not naturally dominant, strapping on a dick and holding a guy’s legs up to his chest while I fuck him is something of a nervewracking experience.What if I’m not the kind of awe-inspiring dick-wielder I dream of being?He lay on his back on the bed, naked from the waist down, and I could see how much he was looking forward to this. Tell me you want me to fuck you.’ ‘I want you to fuck me.’ ‘Say please.’ I reached for the lube as he babbled, desperately. Although it wasn’t something I’d fantasised about, something intangible about this situation made me tingle with arousal. He was close enough to coming just from the anticipation of what we were doing, so when I slid first one then two fingers inside him he tensed up. I fucked him harder, and I grabbed his dick, and it happened exactly as I’d hoped: he shot ropes of spunk that hit not just his chest and face but the wall beyond his head. But that feeling only worked if there really was pleasure. I’d lubed up his cock, with the aim of testing some new wanking sheaths and seeing if I could do the kind of teasing denial-play that he’d spectacularly fail at if he weren’t restrained. Instead of wincing, however, he urged me on – more, harder, deeper.

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She is portrayed as brash, straightforward, highly protective of her friends and unafraid of confrontation.Het begon al langzaam wat losser te worden in televisieland, en nu met de verfilming van 50 Shades of Grey zijn we bijna niet meer verbaasd als er iets anders dan missionaris te zien is op het scherm.Onze favo series en films geven inspiratie en maken ons nieuwsgierigheid naar deze nieuwe activiteiten tussen de lakens. Sommige koppels zullen ze gelijk in de praktijk willen brengen, maar als je het wilt laten bij alleen het lezen van dit artikel: ook prima!RIMMING Gezien bij: Marnie Michaels in serie Girls Wat is het: orale stimulatie van de anus Doen: Als je groot fan bent van orale seks, en niet vies bent van een beetje actie rondom je zitvlak.De anus is erg gevoelig door de vele zenuwuiteinden, dus het kan een mega erogene zone zijn voor sommigen.

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