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The article discusses the difficulties the extremely gifted have in obtaining consistent, accurate and valid feedback in regard to their self-concept.

The information provided has implications for educators, parents, and psychologists.

The highest priority on this hierarchy is always Self-injurious and suicidal behaviors.

This was followed by identifying the need for a true commitment to treatment from patients, who also needed to be willing to accept their dire level of emotional dysfunction.

The DBT approach emphasizes a strong patient-therapist relationship, with the therapist being seen as an ally rather than an adversary throughout the course of treatment.

The DBT therapist sincerely accepts and validates the client’s feelings at any given time, while simultaneously helping the client realize that some feelings and behaviors are maladaptive, and teaching them better alternatives.

The DBT therapist and patient work through issues experienced by the patient over the prior week, systematically recorded on DBT diary cards.

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