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I understand if you ride Amtrak, or commuter rail in the New York City area, the notion of validation may seem odd since the conductors punch every ticket, but my friend also clarified why it’s necessary—trains in Italy are often big enough, and conductors few enough, that a conductor may not reach you before the end of your journey.

You could easily leave the train with a ticket that could be used again.

The high speed train line runs right down the center of Italy.

The main stops are Salerno – Naples – Rome – Florence – Bologna – Milan – Turin (be familiar with their Italian names Salerno – Napoli – Roma – Firenze – Bologna – Milano – Torino).

When you buy a ticket for a regional train, you are essentially buying miles on the track rather than a specific ride.

For example, if you are going to Pisa for the day, you can feel free to buy both your departure and return ticket at the same time.

Q2: Can I interrupt my train travel at an intermediate station (i.e.

Q1: Does that mean I can take any train with a scheduled departure within those 6 hours or that I should take a train that (at least on schedule) arrives within those 6 hours?

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Before we can really do anything, it’s important to understand the types of trains in Italy and which is right for our trip. But they are not as terrifying as I just made them seem.They are different from the train tickets discussed here.I think the 4 euro is just a standard train ticket, but probably out of date.Even if you don’t know exactly what time you’ll want to return, that’s ok.Regional tickets are good for miles (well, ok, kilometers), not specific trains.

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