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Between preparing for exams to study law, 18-year-old Jess loves kicking a ball around with some local lads in the park.

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All of these events were major milestones, but the last one has probably been the most influential to my life trajectory.

Twice Jesminder “Jesse” Bharma, Bend it Like Beckham’s football loving protagonist, has been on the receiving end of the blow, but I started to lose sight of this supposedly empowering feminist sports movie due to the infinitely alarming amount of lesbian hatred disguised as harmless humor. She wants to emulate his prowess and expertise on the football field and certain people think that it’s not only his athleticism that propels her. Jesse’s mother hates that she doesn’t want to be called “Jesminder” or act more feminine and domesticated.

Jules notices Jesse’s skills against the boys and asks her to join a local team.

“They wear their hair so short these days, you can never tell,” says Jesse’s mother, twice. Hair length is such a sensitive topic to women, especially when length is close cropped and called “boyish.” No one ever seems to really comprehend the meanings behind hair and what it truly says about someone.

Whether a woman likes it away from their face, hate strands touching their butts, donates tresses to worthy causes, wears a protective scarf, or battles cancer or other form of loss, hair is worn differently by all women of all cultures and creeds and shouldn’t be a mark set against them if it’s above shoulders or just plain bald.

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